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LKW Logistics Transportation 1 Year Anniversary Truckfest & Convoy

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LKW Logistics Transportation 1 Year Anniversary


Good day truckers! It is LKW´s 1 year anniversary on the 19th of April! We have decided to start organising convoys in ATS and we are going to kick this off with a truckfest on the 17th of April followed by a relatively short convoy to celebrate the anniversary. And no doubt that we will be giving out prizes during the truckfest.The reason we want to celebrate with you,the community,is to thank you for the amazing support over the past one phenomenal year despite us being a relatively small company with small presence especially on the forums. Thank you for the amazing support that you have given.



So When exactly and Where?

The truckfest will be held at Hornbrook (fuel station,not a NCZ) at 15:00 BST
and the convoy at 16:00 BST, both on the 17th of April.

It will be on ATS #2 Server.


Regarding about ATS

We will having regular scheduled ATS convoys on Sundays, on every alternate week. Some of you might be worried that we are going to abandon ETS but to your relieve, we are NOT going abandon the European continent and our convoys there. The convoys will keep happening at the usual time of 15:10 GMT every saturday.


Side note:

There will also be special convoys planned on 19th March and 9th April.

What is LKW Transportation Logistics?


LKW Logistics Transportation is one of the most recognised and strongest brands in Central Europe and America, well known for its blue, white, yellow and red paint job on both our Trucks and Trailers.


Not just our trucks are in tip-top form, our drivers too are always consistently learning and executing tasks at their utmost performance, integrity and respect. With the perfect match of great skilled drivers and good trucks, we aim to be the best Logistics company out there.



As well as running the company, we also run LET which stands for LKW Events Team. And LET has a good reputation when it comes to guiding convoys professionally.

The convoy control for the convoy after the truckfest will be done by LET.



Current Parking plan







In order to book a spot for your VTC go to: http://lkwtr.weebly.com/anniversary-truckfest.html


After the Truckfest there will be a short convoy to further celebrate the anniversary and the winners.''

The convoy will start from Hornbrook and end in Eureka.


The Prizes will be given out for the following Categories:

The Most Attended VTC

Best VTC Parking Formation/Enterance

The best Non-VTC Paintjob

Best VTC Paintjob

Overall Best Looking Truck


More info can be found at:



LKW Transportation Logistics is very proud to be in this community for this length of time and we hope to see you there!





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Interstar Logistcs and J.R Gaming and International Haulage Transportation, aswell as First Class Trans booked slots 3,6,10,11. Pleasure doing business with you guys :)

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All Slots Booked, Thank you Guys... :D Because we are still over a month away, 1 more Space has been made (no more space to curve another one out :P). Middle Public Spot might also get converted if its absolutely necesary (Only closer to the date tho.) Thank you again guys :D Its going to be such an amazing Event.. Hope evryone will win a prize

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Congrats on one year guys. Seem like an awesome VTC, with some great people. Definitely will make my best efforts to attend.

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