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No Jobs in the Freight Market





im new in ATS MP and i have a Problem:


i skipped the tutorial and drives the first freight to the target.


now im in the main menu and cant select any jobs in the fast freight market option. the list is completly empty.


what can i do now ? i cant drive in the open world because i dont have any trucks. bank cant be selected too.


pls help me what im doing wrong.


thank you


best regards 



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If you don't own a truck:


Go to My Documents > American Truck Simulator and find config.cfg file and:
Change uset g_console to 1
Change uset g_developer to 1
Launch MP and select your MP profile and when you don't have any cargo/job, press the ` button which will open the console and type g_force_economy_reset 1 and press ENTER. Then go back to profile screen and select the profile again and a message saying "Game Change detected" should appear which means it worked. Now once you're in, you want to open the console again and type in g_force_economy_reset 0. After that, just play and your jobs should be reset. If it occurs again, just complete the whole process again.




If you own a truck:

1. Find a resting place and sleep

2. Quick travel to one of your garages

3. Call SOS and get teleported to service station (F7 then enter)

4. Visit the individual company (drive onto the green pickup point at the entrance of the company)

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I just posted a new topic about this very thing, I could not find it by searching. It seems by the comments here you have to a lot just to find jobs. This can be avoided if a fix is put in place or maybe enabling fatigue? I forced myself to sleep a few times but them all I get now is "you are not tired"

Trucking in multiplayer and helping others where I can. 

In game rules.


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