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ATSMP Staff Convoy


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Awesome! I'll make sure to watch that! I'll drop a host if I'm online.. if not i will definitely be watching. Great work with ATSMP I'm really amazed at how quickly you have all managed to arrange and work on everything. GG to the wotr-mp Team!

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Owner of Global Logistics

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I will be the streamer on the channel :)

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Testing what if I may ask?

If its ready for you to actually show us on a Stream and successfully do a Convoy in it isn't it ready to be released then so we who are eager to play finally can?


Excuse me if I sound impolite its just that on monday I start a new work week and wont be free that much for 3 weeks forward so I'm kinda eager to get to be able to drive some MP since I consider it much more fun than SP.

That's what desire is, the need for what we can't have.

The need for what's readily available is called greed.

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