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Sparking out of a suggestion from the community, we have decided to create a Major Events section so that users can promote their events properly and have successful outcomes with it without filling the MP discussion section.
This also allows us, as staff to highlight particular events that are coming up, and the way it will work is that the event that is coming soonest will be pinned or other major events may be pinned based on merit.
Please note that there are some rules into getting your post accepted into this section.

  • You have to be a known member of the community, either 75 forum posts, or otherwise known among the community for events on Twitch, Youtube or anything similar. (If you don't have the forum posts, you will have to prove that you are known among the community.)
  • Have a professional looking post with a banner and decent formatting.
  • If special rules are to be asked for for the event, please message a Project Manager for approval.
  • If you wish to use the Community Twitch channel for the event, please message a Community Manager or Clarkinator for approval.
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