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[ARCHIVED] American Truck Simulator - Starters Profile

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I have created a starters profile for once ATSMP releases. This profile contains: 

-1 Garage (Expanded to 5 slots)

-4 Drivers

-4 Trucks


-8 not selected skill points

The garage is located in Las Vegas, with alot of oppertunities to go either north, west and when Arizona releases also east. 


How to download the file?

1. Click this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vWcjVBUeI2Rkp2VmZLZW9PQzA/view

2. Click this button: 1HIHqHq.png

Make sure to have something like Winrar to open the file.

3. Once you have opened the file, place it here: C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles

4. Launch up American Truck Simulator. Your profile should be in there.


After you've done all these steps, you can drive until the end!

Happy truckin'!

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Thank you for your work but I like personally to start everything from scratch.


Otherwise the game gets boring. I am the only driver (no other drivers hired, because it just gets too easy with the money). I have about $70,000 in the bank, loan for the truck is almost paid off. I am just about to start making modifications to my truck and thinking maybe about another loan for a new garage.


Game is just not fun when you start with everything from the beginning.


This is just my honest opinion.

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