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Any way to report player without his Steam/ETS ID?





I simply can't find the profile of someone. I'm not sure why, but I really can't. When I closed the game to start creating the video and ticket for the report, that was around 30min after the event, so obviously, the "recently met" players list on Steam was full of people that wasn't him. Steam research function doesn't help, I tried a lot of different things, no luck. Obviously his name on Steam is not the one he use for his ETS2MP profile... And at last, even Google doesn't help in this case.


So, as the title says... is there any way to report him?

I precise for those who don't know, the report system check if a profile exist or not when you submit the ticket, so putting a random ID doesn't work.


Thank you.

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No. You need to report a player on the forums with either a ETS2MP ID or a Steam ID.

  1. Go to Documents
  2. open the ETS2MP folder
  3. open Logs folder
  4. It will say log_spawning_ then whatever date its
  5. Open in Notepad, and click ctrl + f
  6. type in the players username.
  7. Copy and paste the ETS2MP Id of that player into the report system.

That's the way I find the ETS2MP Id's of players I report.

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If you know their Steam name (which you should if you have evidence), you could use a site such as https://steamdb.info/calculator/to get their Steam64 (or whatever that is called). It'll be down the bottom, for instance, mine is: 76561198021934421


You're looking for the long line of numbers in the users URL in that section :)

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