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750.000 registered users

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Do you remember we hit 600.000 registered users a little while ago? We've now over 750.000 users registered on ETS2MP.   Yes, 750.000 users.   In less than two months 150.000 users have regist

We now have more than 3 quarter of a million members! Yay :3

In less than two months 150.000 users have registered at ETS2MP, thank you all so much for these great numbers!


Well done to the ETS2MP team for making such a great mod, and for also creating a replay-ability function for what is initially a limited game. The Mod allows for people to drive with other people, and as much as we hate them, the variety that trolls create in breaking up the gameplay.


According to research, most of that came around Christmas. Hopefully the release of ATS in Feb will push us over the 1mil players mark.


The only concern with this is server load.


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