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Hello Truckers,


I've had ETS for around a year and I played the SP on my old PC and never did some when I brought a new PC this year. When I saw there was a ETS MP I thought I would give it ago again. However, downloaded and installed the MP and created a profile etc and done the first part of it. 


When I go to get a job I have none that appear and the only area I've been to is where I started (London). If I click drive it tells me I can't cause I don't own my own lorry so I need to go to the Quick Job screen.


I've looked around the forums but I've not been able to find a fix for anything. Is someone able to assist please as I would like to give it a go.



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I know what I do to solve the issue of no jobs showing up (in the freight market) is to simply sleep or just service call as this usually resets the economy.

For quick jobs, I would definitely try and do some of those in singleplayer first. Then, when you get your own truck, jobs should work with no problem in the freight market in MP.

Hope this helped!


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