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Lag when driving behind/near to another player



Hello, i am having this issue which is really worrying me. Basically every time i am driving behind a player the game starts too lag and stutter causing me to crash into the player which could result in me being banning but its not me its lag. the game also stutters and i see the players truck in ftont of me going front and foward in a laggy way which make me crash because the player is coming backwards towards me. Also in popular places my game starts too lag al of a sudden laggs such as rotterdam and amsterdan as well i dont no why is it my computer or is it the game. pleasee help and try to solve my problem.

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okay thanks guys for replying and giving suggestions. my OS is windows 10. i have a lenovo e-50 desktop which is 4gb ram.

yee and do the trucks lag or is it just me that lags when i go near to another players truck
Also my computer is not a high spec computer but this always happens when there is a lot of truckers around
and its not fun to play multiplayer if there is lag i believe that this needs to be sorted in mp becuase it ruins the gameplay as well as i cant stop a truck being near me
And it enhances the gameplay whilst your driving with other trucks but the lag ruins everything when the trucks keep going forward and then goes backwards and the truck starts to stutter
also there is no extensions running in the background everything is closed only ets2mp is running
I agree with turust a game such as minecraft there is so much players on server but it doesn't lag as bad as euro truck 2

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To be honest, you cannot expect your pc to run ETS2 MP smoothly. 8GB of ram and decent graphics card is needed. To improve your game play with what you got, try lowering graphics settings in ETS2 menu. Especially switch off MLAA to get more FPS. Also, lower settings in mp menu (such as drawing distance).

Minecraft has way different graphics quality than ETS2, so they cannot be compared. A pile of bricks would run Minecraft smoothly.

My pc's specs for an example:

OS: Win 10

CPU: Intel core i7-6700k (overclocked to 4.8 GHz)

Mobo: Z170-a

GPU: Gtx 750 Ti


Still it won't run ETS2 with full fps. I get normally 30-50 out of it and at the Alps (in-game) or a populated area fps drops to less than 30. I also have MLAA switched off and most graphics settings high rather than ultra high.


Ready to go!


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Found the specs online on the lenovo shop:



Intel® Pentium® J2900

Intel® Celeron® J1900

Intel® Celeron® J1800


Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Pro

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Windows 8.1 Downgrade auf Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Windows 7 Home Basic



Integrierte Intel® Grafik

Dedizierte Grafik

R5 235 512 MB / R5 235 1 GB

The processor does barely meet the ets2 singleplayer minimum requirements. You should consider getting a CPU or GPU update

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Please drive respectful on the servers. Thank you!



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Thanks for the suggestion. How do u switch of MLAA and I dont have nvidia installed on my cpmputer at all,does it need to be installed as well which one becuase there are so many drivers. Also not everyone has hi spec computer you just to figure out an alteranative

Does euro truck lag for anyone else then please join imto this discussion


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