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ETS2MP Police Car flashing front and rear lights


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Hi scania970


The video shows the potential for the suggested front flashing headlights for the ETS2MP police car. Sorry if this is not appropriate.


You're probably right though, there's little more to say on my suggestion so I won't reply on this thread anymore to stop it bumping to the top. I'll move to off-topic discussion where its more suited now!




Update: Moved ETS2:ES discussion to this thread
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+1, good idea. Just have to wait for the police car to be released. Hopefully, as the police stuff is only for admins online, it will be available for all players on single player. Also it would also add some realism to it as the police irl use wig wags similar to these.

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Guest Wheezy



After careful consideration, we have decided to not implement this suggestion at the moment. We feel that this is not a priority at the moment and we also feel that there is not enough demand for this to be added.


I hope you take this decision on board. Feel free to suggest it in the later future but at the moment, it is a no. 



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