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Hey guys I've had a few people message me on steam about the winter mod not working for them, the problem is either not showing snow on the road or terrain or the mod not showing snow falling from the sky. And thought I would show you how I got both these problems fixed.


First One: Winter Mod Not Showing Snow on Ground or Terrain.


1. Load up Multiplayer

2. Hit tab

3. Right click on your mouse and click the settings button.

4. Click on Mods tab.

5. Tick the Winter Mod.

6. Click on Apply and Ok.

7. Restart Game


Second One: Snow Not Falling From the Sky


1. Again Load up Multiplayer

2. Click Esc then click on Options.

3. Then click on Game play.

4. Then find Rain probability.

5. Adjust the rectangle thing to about half way on the bar.

6. Go back into game and find a spot to rest and then sleep.

7. Then it should be snowing from the sky.


Im not saying this is the only way to do it or that it will work for everyone, this is just what I did and it worked for me.

Hope this helps a few people!!


Happy Ice Road Trucking - Jacob  :)






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