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[ARCHIVED] Player report system by using Plays.tv videos

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1. Visit plays.tv internet site and download the client by following the download link at the top right of the page.




2. While downloading, create an account.




3. Once the setup process is completed; run the plays.tv client. It will ask your credentials.




4. Now you are at the main screen.

- The left coloumn shows the sessions and the videos that you've recorded while playing.

- The right side of the window is for watching the recorded videos, for editing and uploading processes.




5. At first, lets make some adjustments. Click on "preferences" button.

General Tab: 

- My session video (On/Off): If you want the plays.tv client to record your entire game session, then click ON. But if you want to record just the moments you desire, then prefer OFF.

- Auto-manage space: Indicates that how much space does the plays.tv client use for video recordings.

- Video Capture (On/Off): If this one is set as "ON", then you can record the moments you desire by pressing Ctrl+F3.

- Highlight lenght: Indicates the lenght of video when you press Ctrl+F3. (I'm using 90 seconds, because, you know sometimes a troll can mess with you more than a minute or sometimes you need some time to park your truck off the road.)

- Video quality presets: As its written, indicates the quality of the video. (I preffer Medium, because i think its enough for an admin to see the details and you can decrease the uploading time by chosing Medium.)

- Video resolution: 720p is enough

- Frame rate: 30 fps is enough

- Bitrate: You can choose this one by your uploading speed.




In-Game Tab:

- Enable game sounds: 100%

- Enable microphone: (For myself, i set it off. You know, i don't want the admins to listen my "WTF?!%&$#!" screams ><)


6. Recording the evidence video. Lets say that a troll overtook and bumped you... Just press Ctrl+F3. You'll see "saving last 90 seconds" warning at the very top left of your screen. This means, your evidence video is recorded succesfully! (Don't forget to take the player's Steam64 ID by entering /pinfo command to the chat screen.)




7. Return to plays.tv client. You can find your evidence video under the related gaming session headline. Just click once on it. The video will be shown at the right window now.


8. Click "create a clip" button under the video. Now, your video is shown with a yellow square around. You can edit your video now. I'm cutting out the unnecessary parts of the video in order to make the admins' job easier.





9. Once you complete editing your video, click "Save to Plays.tv" button. A window will open, just write something inside and click ok.





10. As soon as the uploading process ends, you'll see "copy link to clipboard" button. This copies the link of your uploaded video to the clipboard. (I'm filling the report form while the uploading process runs, and paste the video link at the end.)




11. Go to "ets2mp.com"; login, then click Manage/Create a report... Fill the form and send. Thats all folks!



- As the Steam64 ID is too long, and some of the players' nick names are written in different alphabet, i generally copy-paste the needed information from the ETS2MP log files. You can find the log file at C:\Users\UserName\Documents\ETS2MP\logs. Sort the list by date, open the text file named "chat_blabla" and search for the word "steam" by using Ctrl+F. Then, just copy-paste the infos to the report form.





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I agree (since I only have experience with ShadowPlay and not with plays.tv), but you still have to upload your footage to YouTube and with Plays.tv you don't.

Yeah thats the bad thing, uploading to youtube can take ages,


However shadowplay is great to use if your GPU supports it as you dont lose that much FPS  (if any)













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I run recording from Plays.tv on my laptop and i dont have any gameply issues. My laptop isnt a top line with a good graphics card either. You could try them out and see what give you the best results. Most of the paid ones have free trials, but for my casual play and quick pickup plays.tv is just what i need.

I am here to help, I hope I helped in some sort of way.


Come check out my Youtube channel, post videos every 2 days



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The way I see it, Plays.tv is for AMD Cards (Plays.tv is integrated within the Raptr AMD Gaming evolved app) and is the AMD version of NVIDIA's Shadowplay.


That's not to say you CAN'T use Plays.tv on an NVIDIA card, just most people would rather use Shadowplay if their card supports it.


Both programs are awesome :D

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^Error 1431 has to do with something preventing Plays.tv from properly hooking into the game. This could be anti-cheat software that doesn't recognize us, or even cases where another program hooks in and prevents us from hooking. Turn your Antivir off and start Playstv as Administrator.

 ღ ɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴ ᴇɴɢɪɴᴇᴇʀɪɴɢ ღ

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