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[ConSecGroup-CEO] Volvotrebla

Convoy Security Group - 1 Year Anniversary Event - [Prizes to win]

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Convoy Security Group Thanks you for joining our Splendid Event!


1 Year Anniversary Event


To celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary, we have hosted a big Event containing a meeting, a convoy and a truckfest on the 10th of January!




Some Numbers:

282+ people have joined the event at 3 locations

180+ trucks joined the convoy

120+ people were listening to ConSecGroup Radio

30+ viewers on the Twitch LiveStream

19 ConSecGroup members participated at the event

8 People have won nice prizes!








These are the Prize Winners!


Awards                                                                                   Winners


Most Driving Skilled VTC                                                              LKW Transport

Finest VTC Entrance                                                                    Euro Truck Radio VTC

Most Original VTC Parking Formation                                            Soarfly Haulage

Highest VTC Attendance                                                              First Class Transport

Best Looking VTC Trucks                                                             I.H.T.


Most Original Paint Job (non vtc participants)                                bartjlm

Most Original Truck Configuration (non vtc participants)                 Feederiara


Quiz on the Radio                                                                       Cooper's Freightmaster



Congratulations to all prize winners!


At last, a video highlighting some moments of our wonderful Anniversary Event!







Useful Links


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Website: http://consecgroup.tk/

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Like us on Facebook

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Ts3 @ ts.consecgroup.org

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Wait is it really ONE DLC for VTC? Who is going to be awarded then in the VTC?

will be upto that company manager about who gets dlc (Guessing)

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As the event approaches, there are some updates to announce:


- The event will be live streamed on twitch!


- Official Ets2mp Event Rules have been set up.
  Make sure to check them out: https://goo.gl/Af80ce


We look forward to meet you at our Event!


Kind regards,

ConSecGroup CEO Volvotrebla

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