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How to customise bandwith usage for different pcs,laptop





I have 3 laptops and 5 phones connected to the same wifi router, I wanted to know how to set bandwith usage limit and internet speed per phone,laptop which is allowed

example: phone 1 should only be allowed 1mpbs download speed and not 20 and phone 2 should be lower than 1mpbs,etc.

im asking this cos if i or anyone in the house uses internet downloading/uploading my ping gets affected which i really dont want. Also my new pc will be connected to same router so will give max download and upload to that and then priortise other stuff.


My Router is a TL-WR841N 







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Hi MrHarv,


If you connect your own PC (or laptop) to the router directly by LAN and share with the others by WiFi, then you can set up and download limits for the WiFi users by using some applications. For this, your router should have "traffic management" or "Bandwidth management" capability. By this way, you can set for instance;


Your laptop: Limitless

Cell Phone A: Max 512 Kpbs

Cell Phone B: Max 1 Mbps



Laptop 2: 3 Mbps




I hope it helps.


Edit: I made a quick search in Google; your router supports Traffic Management. It should be on the left side bar of your routers interface.

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Maybe in your routers settings? There should be something to set your PC to higher priority. 


Not sure about you, but if I go onto mine:

192.168.1.XXX > Enter details > Wireless settings > Wireless card access list

I can set a speed limit on devices based on their mac adress. 




If you don't know what to do go 

CMD > "ipconfic" > Default gateway.  should be something like 192.168.__.__ 

Enter that in your browser 

Enter the username and pass, lots of people keep it default i.e. (user:password) 

Look around in wireless settings there 


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