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Unofficial Tools Section Guidelines & Rules

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This topic will provide you an information about "Unofficial Tools" topic. 


Tool availability

  • Tool can be in form of executable and/or website. Using both server and client in your project is allowed.
  • Tool must be available to all users when they are posted. This means it have to be in a public alpha, public beta or publicly released.
  • Tool should not use Shareware/Freemium or any other paywall model. Donations are allowed.
  • Tool topic should not have any referral or paid links (like adf.ly).


Source code availability

  • Any tool the user can or must download must be open source.
  • Tools that also use non-downloadable components (i.e. loads data from a server owned by the developer) does not need to release the server code as open source, but the downloadable component must still be open source.



  • All tools must be licensed using a Free Software Foundation (FSF) approved license. A list can be found here
  • This rule doesn't apply to websites without published source code.



  • Topic should be a professional presentation of the tool.


Tool updates

  • Your tool should get reasonable amount of updates. Developers are welcome to post updates in tool topic.
  • Tools which is not available and/or isn't updated in 3 months will be archived.



For questions or inquiries, contact @CJMAXiK



TruckersMP Staff may grant exceptions from these guidelines in special cases.

TruckersMP Staff may also hide tools following these guidelines in special cases.


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