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Players Near to you - TAB


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Topic Title: Players Near to you - TAB
ETS2MP ID: 47654
URL: None.
Server Time / Date: Anytime, any server.
How to reproduce: Just take a look to the players joining in your tab.

Screenshots/ Videos: Edited Screenshothttp://i.imgur.com/2KKSPOB.jpg

Normal Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/5yTVpzn.jpg


PSWhen this happens, the players have only the trailer, no the truck.


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Take a look...  http://i.imgur.com/J5e0Iqk.jpg and secondes later http://i.imgur.com/lmkafOQ.jpg


PS: Amsterdam, +2000 players in the server!


i think this has something to do with the amount of players in 1 area , the server has trouble sync to all the players at ones , that's why also the delay 


this is mostly happen in rotterdam/amsterdam



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Dutchman, this happens to me all the time at any place!

I think it as something to do with your Internet, Firstly provide us with a speedtest from www.speedtest.net

Secondly open Command prompt by pressing Windows Key+R on keyboard then type cmd in there

After cmd is open type this


and press Enter


If after pressing Enter you have Lost with a value greater than 0 means packet loss 

If lost=0 then your internet is not to blame upon


Secondly, press Windows key+R again and type %temp%

Delete everything in there..which will clean your ram and temp files which may use internet

Also close any other programs which use internet to sync data like google drive on pc.

and download clean master for pc to clean unwanted junk from your pc which hogs memory or disk

Also the other thing could be that does your game freeze while loading players or no?







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