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Fuel conservation tips for MP


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3 hours ago, TurklerRS said:

>1200-1300 RPM


Mate, the Scania 750HP engine idles at about 4K RPM, what?



Dude, do you seriously think a diesel engine will idle 4k rpm?


Also, to add to this post, you don't need to coast your neutral. If you have to come to a stop, just engine brake/use the retarded so you can save fuel and efficiently brake at the same time.

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Well, considering this poor 3 year old thread has been bumped, one thing I noticed:


On 11/10/2015 at 9:45 PM, [LKW Tr.] Glenny_ said:

4. Coast in neutral when possible.


This is false. Leave it at gear. When you coast your truck while in gear (not accelerating, such as going down hill or going to stop soon) the consumption is zero, the RPM is being "fed" by the wheels and not the engine. When you coast it at neutral, the connection between the engine and wheels is cut, and the engine relies on wasting gas to keep it running (2.3l/h IIRC)

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Simple but impressive thank you for that ?




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