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ETS2 and ATS all companies logos and truck manufacturers logos

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ETS2 and ATS all companies and truck manufactures logos



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The package includes 180 companies logos and 9 manufacturers logos from

the Euro Truck Simulator 2 (basic version, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Italia and DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea)

and American Truck Simulator (basic version, DLC New Mexico and DLC Oregon) games in very good quality.


The size of all companies graphics is 512px x 256px and

manufacturers graphics is 512px x 128px in PNG format with a transparent background!









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Today, after 1.5 years since the last update, I updated my tool :)


- I moved site from my domain (wooqash.net) and I've built it again on domain my VTC (agromex.info.pl) where other tools are located (Trailers generator and Search TruckersMP and Steam Profile).

- Added companies logos from ETS2 DLC Italia.
- Added companies logos from ATS DLC New Mexico.

- Added companies logos from ETS2 DLC Italia and from ATS with DLC New Mexico to package.

- Added truck manufactures logos from ATS.

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