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Well, I´ve been out of MP for a while after some annoying stuff from some moderators and after my vacations, so I just want to suggest something which I´m not sure I already suggest or read in anywhere else.

Suggestion Name

Development Progress Sharing

Suggestion Description

Create a Main Topic (fixed) or any other kind of informative window in the Web-site / Forum so all the users can read what the devs are working in. Any development Project has it´s own Task Manager to organize the priorities of planned stuff, let´s make it public, somehow.

Any example images

Some weeks ago could look like:


1. Support for Prehistoric DLC paintjob        OK
2. Support for OpenGL                                 OK
3. New launcher                                            IN PROGRESS
4. Fixed collisions in trailer at companies     IN PROGRESS
5. Synchronized driver plates                       NOT YET
6. Fixed rotation after spawn                        NOT YET
7. ...


1. Weather Sync.
2. ...


Why should it be added?
- Community will have the feeling of "work" from development team.
- Players will know the features working on and give feedback which could help improving them.
- Players could realize about "planned" or "long time" future work not to repeat suggestions which nowadays are being rejected because of "needing time"

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+1, it's good to know what's being worked on. In this way, we can track what's synced and what isn't. Makes it easy to see which DLC are supported at a given moment, I know all of them are at this moment but it gives a good overview.

Making the gap between players and development progress smaller is a must, it could give some inspiration for better suggestions.

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