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Correct Hill- Start with your Truck

Sebi [GER]

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Guest Aled_Morris

I was messing around I quarry got a 420 volvo with 25 ton tanker and it got up there no problem it didn't stop

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Thank you for the guide. I'm pretty sure the most embarrassing moment I've had with this was back in February when I was in a convoy lead by admins and I stalled on a hill and had to disconnect from the server because I had absolutely no idea how to start on a steep upward slope without stalling. 


This guide will be very useful for those new to manual shifting even if they aren't new to the game and hopefully prevent the same thing that happened to me.

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Guest **********


I read all the lines you wrote. There really is very useful information under each title. In fact , I would like many players to read this topic and learn detailed information. I hope the players will regulate themselves. Thank you so much for the information you gave You are good man.

King Regards
Scanva Diesel A/S

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Nice guide thank you ❤️ 


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11 hours ago, Foobrother said:

I'm getting this error when clicking on the video link ?


Yes, I'm getting this error too. ?

                                                                                                                                               Driver in Bruijn Logistics



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