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How to capture any game play automatically.

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Nvidia users:

Nvidia users have the option to have a program called "Shadowplay". I use to use shadowplay, but I switched to the next program I am going to be talking about. You can find shadowplay at http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/shadowplay You can also find a nice video that Nvidia made advertising shadowplay 







Any card:

The next product is the one that I personally use, not because I don't have a nvidia card, but shadowplay had some issues with my PC. This program is exactly the same as shadowplay. The name of it is Plays.tv . You can find the free download on their site located at http://plays.tv/download







So now you are most likely asking, well why should I use these if I have fraps and dxtory. That is a good question, both of these programs use little CPU power, which since Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a CPU intense game, also they don't cause much of a frame rate drop like dxtory and fraps. I use the program just in case there is a person that is trying to ram myself or others, it is always recording if you have the options to set it to like I do. So if you make youtube videos, or don't want to miss that truck in front of you flip even for admins to help even more against a ban, you will never miss any evidence.





I plan to update this more soon.

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