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Steam Scammer



There is a user on Steam named Adeva (profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167319057).He will add you as a friend, then spam your messages with a message saying this: "Hello Mate,your old friend ask you to add him, he got eror when he trying to add you and he ask me to ask you to add him :3  URL CENSORED just copy his profile url into your browser (Firefox or Chrome) and add him please, he is waiting for you and spamming me". The URL he will send is a FAKE STEAM COMMUNITY link. The website will take your login data and hack into your account if you go and login. So please be careful about it.


If you go to the website, it looks just like the normal Steam Community profile page, but the URL is different. The profile on the page actually doesn't exist on Steam.







The "friend":







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Yep, there are alot of spammers thru steam, I am never accepting people with a private profile, unless I know them.

I am accepting everyone as long as:

I know them.

They have a public profile.

No Bans on steam.

People who have ets 2 or other games I have.

I am not accepting people with steam bans, private profile, or no other friends, no games.


I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind..


Be slow to critize, be fast to appreciate.

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