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Besides the point that staff has a lot to do as things are right now .. it should be mandatory to apply for playing on an RP server, if you have a clean bill of trucking you are in.
Bans should be exclusive to the RP server if you got banned there you should be able to play on the normal servers, not vice versa of course.
Bans should be harder on the RP server as well .. no ban under 7 days and if you got two bans you are out .. for ever, but just from the RP server .. normal server, different story.


Sounds harsh I know but if you think about it, it's a simulation game right, what do I expect if I play a simulator online .. people who want to simulate the thing the game stands for .. in this case .. trucking, right?

As we all know that's not happening on any server, from time to time players a willing to do so but to make the game more excessable the game itself is tuned to "playable on a hamster PC with a potato for steering"  not to realism .. which is okay in a way.

But why not establish a server where the player who wants to simulate trucking can do so as well .. turn down the game speed a notch (warp), set the truck and trailer physics to realism by default not changeable, more realistic economy, implement some colors for the chat like /me in green or so to get some RP going, make it so that you have to hand over papers via a chat command to load / unload / cross a border / etc, no more no collision anywhere on the RP server .. if someone blocks a ramp or gate for no reason .. ban his behind .. if he does it twice he'll be out anyway ^^.
Implement AI traffic .. 
If you want to start a VTC you have to apply for that at TruckersMP too and even if it takes two to three weeks to start a VTC .. so what, that's the way things work in real life too.

I hope you get the idea of this wall of text .. as you might imagine I love to simulate the trucking as realistic as possible so it's 4 yeses from me for the RP !!  

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On 8/13/2018 at 3:52 AM, MrBrandman said:

I like the idea of RP but this is after all a truck sim...this isnt like GTA where you have a whole slew of things you can do....its mainly just trucking, unless you just drive around in cars aimlessly. So I think its a good idea on paper but wont work when you put it in the scope of what game(s) youre trying to get this implemented on


Like he said, this is a trucking simulator. There exist GTA and Garry's Mod roleplay server because these games are made for modding, especially Garry's Mod (which is literally a mod of another game). In the case of ETS2, yeah it can be modded but not like you can do with other games.

In ETS2 you can only drive, can't get out of your truck and the only thing other than trucks are the cars added by TruckersMP. IMO the roleplay style doesn't fit this game at all. 

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