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Valheru SLO

Multiple players - Various offences

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1. Server: Europe #1
2. Date: 16-06-2015
3. Time: 18:26 (TZ: GMT+1)
4. Place: Rotterdam, road to Eurpoort
5. Perpetrator: See below
6. Steam URL: See below
7. Description: Yet another busy afternoon on the road to Eurpoort:

  • MJ (ETS2MPId:133683) - as I was approaching the right turn after which the right lane ends, I slowed down to 40 mph, because I saw in the distance that an incident already took place. A few seconds after that, I found myself being overtaken by two players: Aleks - who overtook me the legal way on my left and MJ who came past me illegally on the hard shoulder. I was very surprised by the move MJ made, that I didn't start recording right at that moment. That's why I slowed the 1st second and a half of the video down. I know it's no direct evidence, but you can still see MJ driving at an angle on the right lane, this was because about 2 seconds earlier as MJ was overtaking me, he was driving at a high rate of speed and had to cut in front of me at a sharp angle, because the hard shoulder was ending. After this MJ then had to brake hard in order to avoid hitting the back of [A&M TRANS] ® ZUBER PL™, but as he still had plenty of momentum, he crashed into the railing. This also forced Aleks, who was driving behind him, to brake suddenly and swerve onto the right lane in order to avoid crashing into him. Borderline reckless driving from MJ. (All of this can be seen in the beginning of the video)
  • Korn (ETS2MPId:385288) - insulting another player in local chat (0:21 in the video)
  • peker (Steam URL | ETS2MPId:422431) - as I went around the right corner, I indicated and started moving into the left lane, because the right lane was ending. About half a second after I indicated my move, I spotted peker in my mirror, who was apparently in a great deal of hurry and promptly overtook me over the full line. He then obviously realized the gap between me and the truck in front of me was too small and his speed too high, so he calmly continued on driving the wrong way, which as we know is a no-no around Eurpoort. (0:32 in the video)
  • repin_u (Steam URL | ETS2MPId:427988) - the move peker made must have inspired repin_u to do the same - going into queue overtaking mode. (0:45 in the video)
  • CHECHEN-95-RUSSIA (Steam URL | ETS2MPId:375232) - repin_u was closely followed by CHECHEN-95-RUSSIA who also had the intention to get to the ferry ASAP, since he too was obviously in a great hurry.

8. Video/Picture:

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Giving MJ the benefit of the doubt here. The player in front of him was lagging. I don't see much intention to ram others. Korn banned for two weeks, racism. Peker banned for a day OT @ EP. CHECHEN-95-RUSSIA banned for a day OT @ EP. Repin_u banned for a day OT @ EP.


Cheers for the report.

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