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J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend


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I sometimes like driving a J-Truck. It's pretty realistic to the most trucks we have here in Europe. Not every truck has thousand of lights, especially not every slot used and thousand of chrome parts. Sometimes I drive a complete stock truck, sometimes (like atm) I am driving a Scania with some lights but still realistic as there are some trucks in my country here (germany). It's cool, that many people see this thread and try it. You could just look for "trucks in europe" if you don't have inspirations for trucks, I often do it too. ;)

Happy Trucking lads!

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Considering I was once someone who must always have a 750Hp engine, I can certainly connect with this. It is really nice to just go back to a basic truck and enjoy a bit of a challenge, rather than just being able to plant your foot and charge up any hill with ease. This is especially good fun when trying to do the heavier special transports as well! ;)

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I still think that the Scania R 2012 is one of the nicest trucks, with the 6-speed (no retarder).  It just looks like it has less plastic on it compared to other trucks, please it is a classic and you can never beat the classics!  

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Hello my friends, here my most used trucks.^_^


Scania R370 Streamline 4x2

Engine: DC13 116 370 Euro6

Trans: Scania GA867 6 speeds




New Scania S500 6x2/4 Midlift

Engine: DC13 155 500 Euro6

Trans: Optcruise GRSO 905R 12 speeds + retarder



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