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0.1.7 R3 has been released.


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The update will be here, when it's ready so patiences is key at this current moment :)

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Dude, this is an internet forum. You can't expect people to read stuff. Jeez.

And we want players who can behave, I'm afraid we can't have what we want :(

"Just remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off. "

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I believe the issue is, that the users of the Multiplayer mod have become accustom to the quick turnaround and roll out of updates in the past.   What the users are failing to understand,   is that the fast turn around is more then likely due to single lines of code being changed. .... however this time,  we have a complete model change in the game (Majestic to Merc) So this would mean that anywhere in the multiplayer mod that references the previous truck,  would then need to be deleted and new code to represent the new truck would need to go in.    Now this in itself is no 5 minute job,   as not every Mercedes truck you encounter on the road, will have the same paint job,  not every truck will have the same tyres,  light fittings,  mirriors etc...    So every bit of the mod that referenced these points for the Majestic,  would need to be found,   removed and new code added.


Think of it like this...   Do you want it done fast and fall apart,   or expertly so it works first time?




This is why server telemetry patches or,  removing of the speed limiter COULD be as simple as changing a line like "SpeedLimiter(67)=Yes" to "Speedlimiter(67)=No" ... One liner changes would of course have a fast turnaround.    But changing code that represents models and variants of those models is going to take time...  


This is a very approximate example of what COULD be going on.  


So let them do their best...   and very soon you will be tearing down the highways once more.    (Just think of the down time as your VTC moving to new premises or something.....  (for the role players out there)) 

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