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Temporary rules (valid during an event or a convoy)

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Pushed update to the topic + separated Event server requests from this topic. 

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Type of the event: Truckfest + Convoy
Url to the thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/62650-lgos-trip-around-europe/ 
Date and hour of the event: 2nd June 12pm BST -> 3rd June 2am BST
Organiser: MattTM (https://truckersmp.com/user/970225)
Participants (min. 50 participants - proof required): https://ets2c.com/view/72928/matt-dover-sea-port 

Rules in English:

Follow all TruckersMP rules except from the following:
During the Truckfest, if you or your VTC are not booked into a slot found on this map (https://imgur.com/DQCbYOz) please park in "Public Parking"
During the Truckfest, your trailers must be in the ferry at the Sea Port - not in the parking zones.
Listen to Event Staff, Event CC and of course; Game Moderators
Participants are not allowed to overtake in the convoy
You must not impersonate any Event Staff or Event CC
We ask you leave enough space between yourself and the truck in front of you to prevent crashes
You must have a truck and trailer except Event Staff, Event CC or Game Moderators
You must stay single file during the convoy.
Event Staff and Event CC are allowed to block junctions to keep the convoy on route
Event Staff/CC are allowed to drive wrong way
If you would like to advertise your VTC, please contact MattTM
If you have any questions, please contact MattTM#9832 on Discord

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