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Fatal Error! 1.17.1s



Hi! I downloaded the latest version from ETS2MP and I have 1.17.1s version for ETS2 but when I try to start the MP an fatal error apeear!

Unsuperted game version detected! To play ETS2MP you need to have ETS2 1.17.1s(Steam release)! (Yes, I have the game on steam)
Do you need help with downgrading?
                            Yes                No


And if I hit Yes or No it will show me the same thing:


Could not inject dll into the game process. Please try launching the game again.


Please help me! 


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The game it's reinstalled yesterday, because I didn't play it for a long time, and yesterday I reinstaled it from steam and today I wanted to play the MP, but it didn't work. I mention that i put my profiles from when I played last time. 

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