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ETS2 (instant) Crash with Paintjobs

cold case

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Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 r2
Controllers Used: n/a
Description of Issue: ETS2 Game Client instantly crash after start / ETS crashing after your change your paintshop to Christmas


other players equipped one paint job from above crashing your client when they are next to you (in tab list)


How to reproduce: Go to next repair station and change the paint job above
Screenshots / Videos: n/a




Work around !!

Way 1: Go into single player, search and go to next repair station. Change your paint job to normal (not listed above)


Way 2: Quit from game. Go into steam library. Right click at Euro Truck Simulator 2 properties, DLCs and disable christmas paint jobs. Click Ok.


cold case

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does this mean that


1. you will crash if some trucker around you has christmas paintjob?

2. you will crash of you have christmas painjob?

3. you will crash other players if they dont have christmas dlc?


I encountered this last night, I cant enter a city since it crashes, I had to finish the job in single player mode, after the delivery I quitted the game and entered  onto multiplayer and then it crashed again.


please everyone disable your christmas paintjob until the devs get into the bottom of this! it will be much appreciated!

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