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[Forum Game] Counting until SpectralProphet replies!

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I'm sure a few of you know this game already, but let me explain it once again: 😄

User1: 1

User2: 2

User1: 154

User2: 4

etc..., so even if someone has given the wrong number, it continues as normal! 😉


(and to be fair, please don't ping him :P)
Have fun counting, I'll start with 1 🙈




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                                                                Language: Chinese/English

                Discord:hengya0512            I want everyone to be able to drive safely on the road!❤️

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3 hours ago, djoh said:



Imagine not knowing the famous black cat :kappa:



Your right. I don't know who you are talking about. Or about 95% of this community. Because i don't involve myself in their lives. If they want to tell me, great. If not, i just move on and do something else.

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