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How to remap the console to a different keyboard shortcut for both ETS2 and ATS

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Greetings, truckers.



This is a guide for people with a keyboard layout that makes accessing the console impossible, such as some layouts with the "0" under the Esc key instead of a tilde (~) key.

Or for people who don't like using the tilde key to access the console, and would prefer using a combination (like Shift + C) to access it.



Step 1: Enable console and developer mode 


Ensure you have enabled the console and developer mode in your config.cfg file.


If you haven't, you can follow this guide to show you how.



NOTE: If you have Steam Cloud enabled, there is a possibility of it loading a cloud-saved config instead of your local config, which will overwrite your local config and undo your changes.


Disabling Steam Cloud is recommended before committing any changes.

To do this, right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator in Steam, click properties, and click Manage Cloud Settings. Ensure that the toggle next to "Enable Steam Cloud" is to the left, which means it is disabled.



Step 2: Navigate to controls.sii 


You will be changing a config line in controls.sii file.


Navigate to: Documents ➡️ Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator ➡️ profiles ➡️ your current profile folder or the profile folder you wish to change the setting

You should see controls.sii located here, as well as many other files.



Step 3: Open and search controls.sii


NOTE: It would be wise to back up this file before making any changes in case of errors!


Open the controls.sii file in your favourite text editor and press CTRL + F to bring up the search box.
Search for "mix console" (without quotations).


The result should look similar to the image below.





Step 4: The scary part


You will be editing `modifier(no_modifier, keyboard.grave?0)`. This is where you will declare the keys you wish to open the console.


Delete the text between the backticks (`). It should now look like this.




First, let's declare which modifier key we will use. A modifier key is either Shift, Control, or Alt.

For example, I wish to open my console with Shift + C. So we must first declare our modifier key.

We can do that by typing between those backticks: any_shift




To use any other modifiers, replace shift with either alt or ctrl. So you will either type any_alt or any_ctrl.


NOTE: While it is possible to map the console to a singular action key, I do not recommend it due to possible clashing with other keys or accidentally opening the console while driving if you're driving on keyboard.


Before we declare our action key, we need to insert a space, and an ampersand (&) symbol. The symbol should be along your number row, typically on the number 7 key.

So hit the spacebar, and to insert the symbol, press Shift + 7.

It should now look like the image below.




Now we will declare our action key. For this example, I wanted my action key to be the "C" key.

We will put a space after the & symbol, and then type: keyboard.c?0




The end character is a 0 (zero) and not the letter O. If you wish to use a different key, you can substitute it in place of the "c" (Examples: keyboard.f9?0, keyboard.x?0)



Step 5: Save and you're done 


To save, click File and then click Save. Or close the editor, and when you're prompted to save changes, click yes.


You've done it! You've remapped your console. Pat yourself on the back.

Go ahead and test it. Should the console not open, double-check whether console and developer mode are still enabled in config.cfg.

If not, please see step 1 as Steam Cloud may be overwriting the config.


NOTE: For reasons I cannot explain, the mapping opens the console but doesn't close it. To close the console, click on the grey bar at the top of the screen.



I hope you found this guide helpful. 


See y'all on the roads!

"We're all astronauts."





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