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🚛 What's Your Favorite Route in TruckersMP?

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Hello truckers,


Let's kick off with a classic!


Share your favorite route to drive in TruckersMP and why you love it. Whether it's the scenic beauty, the challenging roads, or the bustling traffic... we want to hear your stories.


It's obvious that the Calais-Duisburg route is the most traveled. But without a doubt, for the scenery and the way it's so peacefully driven, I prefer the route to the Alps. With those snowy mountains and the fresh air coming into the truck cabin while you have the windows down... it's definitely one of the best routes we can find in the game.


And what about you? Tell us what your favorite route is and why, now it's your turn!

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Kind regards,




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I don't have a specific favorite route but I really like Scandinavian roads!

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Kind regards,                                                                                                                          Languages that I know:

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Hello @CoyoteTMP.

Well, what a question! 😄

I'm a little suspicious, but I've really enjoyed the loads I've done in Portugal, even though it's a simple city, I've enjoyed the little details you've added to the map and I believe that soon you'll be improving the respective DLC even more.
But apart from Portugal, I've always loved the routes to the Scandinavian side, epic!

Regards and Good KMs ❤️ 

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In my opinion, the CD road is actually not that bad, if you think about it. Just like some others said before, it makes you experience real life traffic and the CD road is regarding the scenery also not that bad, you see a bit highway, a lot of country roads and then normal streets. I always find it interesting when there are people just communicating with each other about how their day was and the thing I love the most is that you receive almost all the time a headlight flash that signals "Hi." and you can just flash back and then I feel just like this community is my 2nd family somehow.


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