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Automatic High Beams Support

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Suggestion Name: Automatic High Beams Support

Suggestion Description: Just like in single player for ATS/ETS2, can we have support for Automatic High Beams where it will automatically detect either players in front of you (either that you are coming up behind or ones across the barriers on the opposite side of the road). Is it possible to make it when it detects another player that it will automatically dim the high beams?

Example Image:


Why it should be added: There are two main reasons for this feature to be added. The first one, is a safety related reason. When driving with high beams on and refusing to turn them off when approaching other players can blind them which can cause them to lose control of their own vehicle (either truck, bus, and/or ai vehicle). Also having to remember which button/key I’ve set my high beams to is inconvenient when traveling along and I see an appoaching vehicle and so I turn off my high beams manually causing me to take my eyes off the road (game screen) causing for the potential for a crash with either another player or with the environment around my vehicle. The second reason, is mainly for roleplay purposes because in real life you tend to see trucks run with their parking lights all the time but when at night have their high beams when alone and dim them when they enter city limits that have a higher density of traffic. I would like to see this feature as it’s a nice-to-have and is more convenient for those that don’t have dedicated wheel buttons/keybinds memorized or have a hard time juggling multitasking while driving.

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