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Story about Kirkenes' route to the quarry Promods


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I am making a video about the busiest route in Promods, and I would like to know if anyone knows how it originated, was discovered, etc. primarily the beginnings of this route. Why is it that other similar routes don't have the same number of people daily? I am genuinely interested in knowing a lot. This is my first post to generate discussion.image.png.db867d2abf82b163aa6e70b22f152900.png

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There are many reasons.

  • My ideas are that people like difficult roads, (In the past when there were double trailers, the road was x2 more challenging). 
  • Realistic traffic and flow.
  • It will allow people to respect each other and give each other the right of way and wait: bends, roads, bridges, etc.
  • Of course the most important thing is the unique view of Kirkenes!
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I agree with @` R Ø I and @Halaskâr. I think it's because it's so popular with players and has so many different roads that it's become so famous. Another example is the classic C-D.

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_Thyagoof - Media Team TruckersMPChief Operating Officer at ALLIANCE Virtual

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Hı Big Faan @Jossッ


While Promods was already in existence, this was already a known route.

But since everyone played promods in single, it did not have enough popularity. After it came to Truckersmp servers, it made it available for everyone to see, along with streamers and recognisable people. In this way, almost all tmp players know about this route.

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