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Relocate Calais repair shop


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Suggestion Name: 

As the title says


Suggestion Description: 


I know TMP staff might already be working on how to rebuild Calais like Duisburg to increase traffic flow. There have been even topic and suggestions on how to do that. My suggestion would be to only replace the repair shop like in the following pic:




It is basically the most congested place in the city. So if we replace it and make it like  adrive through I would say you can increase traffic flow quite good. You could also try first to close the exit from Calais intersection heading down to Calaiss, so players have to enter form the harbor but can exit straight from the city to the intersection.


Why is it needed?


Well as written before to increase traffic flow becaue almost everyone needs to go over one single crossing.





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Hey, buddy


If we can improve the traffic at the Calais repair shop, that would be a great idea, but if the team doesn't have such an idea, it would be terrible. Calais repair shops should take it seriously to alleviate traffic, which is the most chaotic traffic I have ever seen. Besides, I support your idea




Big Week

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I don't see how relocating the repair shop to another area would improve the flow of traffic.

Players will still act egoistic and put themselves first, and ignore traffic regulations and game rules.


If you have the time, watch @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Twitch stream on a Friday afternoon to get an idea of what I am referring to.

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