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Suggestion name: Belgium-France border fuel station rework
Suggestion description: i believe the fuel station should be reworked
Any example images: https://postimg.cc/7fxwSjh1 (click the link as it will take you to the screenshot)
Why it should be added: each time i drive in the Calais-Duisburg road and I go through the Belgium France border there is a what seems to be a traffic jam. when someone needs to continue driving they would have to wait like 3 minutes before merging after the traffic has passed.

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I'd like to point out that the included image only shows the gas station. It doesn't show anything else to indicate location.


If what you're indicating is the gas station on cd road by the Calais side, yes. It needs a rework. And i even have made suggestions to try and get something done. However, SCS also has to revamp Belgium in the future.

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  • Leon Baker changed the title to Gas Station Rework on C-D

Hello @take_me_home,


Thanks for the suggestion!


However, this has already been suggested multiple times in the past. In one of the latest updates, we have made changes to the gas station closer to Duisburg, and we are actively monitoring that change to understand how effective the update was. Based on our observations, we will then decide what actions to take regards to the other gas station on C-D route.



Leon Baker

Community Manager

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