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Would you like to see vehicles reworked or designed with realistic parts and re-released with modification packs?


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Hello, I wish everyone a good forum.


Today, I bring up an issue that I have been thinking about for a long time. I wonder if this is everyone's problem like me.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game that does not have a stable version and is still being developed and updated. I am happy about this because the game remains up-to-date and improvements are constantly coming to the main map. However, there is only one issue that bothers me.


Why aren't the modified parts of the vehicles in the game supported by actually popular designs? For example, colored bottom grilles, small lamps that can be mounted on the side skirts or talmu daytime running light yellow, or improvements in the engine sounds of the vehicles... We can customize the exhaust of our vehicles, but this customization does not contribute to the sound. At least when I add an exhaust customization to my vehicle, I want to get a full and different sound. Also, the lightbox part on roofbar would be perfect. I think the SCS software, which can illuminate the "Globetrotter" text when engine-start and enable "the driver's nickname plate" and "co-driver's nickname plate" which can be edited in the cabin, could have made the customizations I just mentioned and made the game a little more popular.


What do you think about this? Do you think parts of realistic and popular design trends should be designed and added to the game?


I present you with pictures some examples of parts that I assume can be added:














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The subject matter is very successful and will be of interest to gamers who love modification. My personal opinion is that SCS should add this and bring another innovation to the game. In my opinion, it is very simple to add such modification add-ons because players can do it themselves. They can add it to a public version. 

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Hey Tommy,

I completely agree with your sentiments on Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's a fantastic game that has evolved and improved over time, but there's certainly room for more customization options, especially in line with popular design trends. Your suggestions regarding modified vehicle parts and sound customization make a lot of sense.

Customizing the visual appearance of our trucks is a significant part of the game's appeal, and adding more options like colored bottom grilles, side skirt lamps, and improved engine sounds would certainly enhance the overall experience. After all, when we invest time in customizing our trucks, we want those changes to be not only visible but also audible.

Furthermore, your idea about a lightbox on the roofbar and the possibility of illuminating certain text or nickname plates is a great one. It would add a personal touch to each player's truck and make the game even more immersive and enjoyable.

Incorporating these popular design trends into the game would not only keep it up-to-date but also attract more players and keep the community engaged. SCS Software has done a fantastic job so far in developing and maintaining Euro Truck Simulator 2, and I believe that embracing these suggestions could further enhance the game's appeal and longevity. Your thoughts on this matter resonate with many players, and it's worth sharing these ideas with the developers for consideration.

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Hi Tommy.


This topic really caught my attention. Frankly, I believe that such an old game should now implement significant changes and updates. Accessories from old times are starting to make the game too classic and boring. Although both SCS Software and TruckersMP have such a large audience, it is not nice that they ignore the requests of their players. If they give their players the right to say and do what they want, we can make better modified trucks and the platform will have a larger audience.

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If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


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