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Have you ever had a bad accident?


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On 8/8/2023 at 6:47 AM, Med_MA said:

Hello everyone! 


hope you all doing ok,
I just want to know Have you ever been in a bad car accident? If yes then What caused the accident and how badly were you hurt? And what did you learn from it? 






In real life? fortunatly no, i am a good driver 😁


in tmp? many times, mostly others hitting me but fair enough since i'm driving in a danger zone 😛

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Several years ago, I've been involved innocently in a serious road traffic accident caused by two or more racing Amazon delivery van drivers.

In total, 3 vehicles were damaged beyond repair (mine included), two people were seriously injured and taken to hospital (one Amazon driver, 1 innocently involved driver) and 1 light injured (me).

The accident happened in the city and didn't take longer than 3 seconds (!).


I suffered a whip lash and bruises on my hand, shoulder and knees.


I regard myself as very lucky, being hit from the back and not from the side.

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I've never had a big accident in my life so far but I came around many fatal crashes as I'm part of the fire department. It's always worrying to see that many people do not offer any help and in some cases, prefer taking selfies with the crash scene instead. In my opinion, a first-aid course should be mandatory every few years for all drivers to extend their licenses. I've just recently come to a motorcycle crash where a biker crashed into a trailer of a tractor and was trapped under one of the tires. I became aware of the accident while working in my garden and decided to drive there to offer help, it was roughly 1 km away from where I live on a busy road. Nobody of the people helped the trapped person, instead, they just stood far away from the scene and talked with each other. They haven't even called the emergency until I approached minutes later.  I had to help the person, call the fire department/ambulance, show the ambulance where the person is, and everything else. The others couldn't even secure the crash scene. That's something I'll never understand. 

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Actually I went through it 2 times
The first time was on the highway, when a stupid Ford driver pulled his car in the middle of the road, and because of the fast speed, it was too late to brake
The second time was when I parked on the side of the road to eat, and one seemed to be sleeping when the electric bike hit my car directly and lost several teeth

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In-game: Multiple :KEKW:

IRL: Serval times, just sharing the most serious case. I am on a late night route bus, before the bus arriving at the stop I'm getting off, I heard a bonk and luckily no one standing near bus captain cabin, you can see the picture below, and the driver is lucky enough too


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