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Counter of deliveries completed in the Cargo Delivery Event - Fruity Freight Fiesta.

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Suggestion Name: Counter of deliveries completed in the Cargo Delivery Event - Fruity Freight Fiesta.


Suggestion Description: Add a counter of deliveries (community goal .../20 000) completed in an ongoing event to the blog: https://truckersmp.com/blog/293

Something similar to what SCS Software does for World of Trucks events. Picture below.


Any example images:



Why should it be added?: 

  • to be able to easily and quickly be able to preview the involvement of participants
  • counter can be used (of course after data changes) also for other future events
  • this type of thing was quite popular during WoTr events I believe that TruckersMP players will also peek from time to time how the event is going


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You mentioned personal goal of events. I'd like to expand on this a bit.

When developing this type of counter/data in the future, keep in mind all deliveries made by a given player. This was often mentioned by WoTr events participants but also during your Operation HQ event. So that there is information on how many deliveries the player finished, not just the amount required for a personal goal.

For example, if there is a personal goal of 5, and the player completed 17, so to mark it. I'm counting on your creativity in this regard, it's about symbolism:

  • 17(done)/5(required)
  • 5/5(goal) and an additional counter: 12(extra).
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