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Fruity Freight Fiesta

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Hi , i complete event but i dont get reward on website. Can u help this state ?( i solved this problem)


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i solved this problem( Choose tab>job create>event job)

Karakteriniz düzgün olsun ki gerisini hallederiz..

My first condition is that your character is not broken...



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It's a funny Event, and for those, who are still searching the cargo, this is where I found them: on the Multiplayer, in the normal Freight-Market, not the external Freight Market. I think that's the little Remember from the Dev's: you know, we have this too, not only the external Freight Market 😉.

Anyway, the Blog says at least 5 deliveries. I did those, but don't see any Achievment poping up. Where did i get these?

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#TMPFruityFreightFiesta ✌️


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This is a really cool and interesting addition. I’ve already started hauling a few of these cargos and the models themselves, although a bit…..creative, are really well done. 


I look forward to seeing where this leads too! 



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