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Do you like driving more on the highway or on secondary roads?

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Hello there,


First of all, thank you for sharing this interesting topic. 

I personally like driving on highways more than driving on secondary roads, because driving on highways allows you to explore many cities in a short amount of time!


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Hello thank you for sharing this interesting topic personally I like driving on highways more because it is a special pleasure and also when you are with your friends side roads may be a bit boring but driving on highways is the best option


Kind regards Lauren.

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Hey there. 


I usually prefer to drive on secondary roads, why? They are more livable than basic highways, that you have known for 5k hours 🙂 I would like to see more people drive there 



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Ultimately, I prefer driving on highways but it depends on the purpose of my trip, and the experience that I am seeking. There are several reasons why it just depends on the mood I'm in: 




Efficiency: Highways are designed for efficient travel, with multiple lanes, higher speed limits, and limited intersections. They are ideal for long-distance travel, as they allow you to cover large distances in less time. Convenience: Highways often provide better signage, lighting, and amenities such as rest areas, gas stations, and food options along the route. Safety: Highways generally have better infrastructure, including guardrails, well-maintained surfaces, and designated exit and entrance ramps, which can contribute to overall safety.


Back roads:


Back roads often take you through scenic landscapes, rural areas, or small towns, offering a more picturesque and relaxed driving experience. They can be particularly enjoyable for those who appreciate nature or want to explore off-the-beaten-path locations. Quaint surroundings: Back roads provide a glimpse into local culture and traditions, allowing you to discover charming villages, historical sites, local shops, and unique attractions. Less traffic: Unlike highways, back roads usually have fewer vehicles, which can result in a more peaceful and less stressful driving experience. This can be appealing to those who prefer a quieter journey.

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Highway Routes, but it all depends on which Job you take. You can generally get a good idea of how "straight" the journey will be when selecting each Mission.
If you are looking for something that is a bit more of a challenge, with twisty, tricky turns and more players, then the other choice, It's not really based on the whole Delivery aspect though 

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Hello good games, first of all thank you for asking the question 
Since I usually use koleka, that is, realistic type vehicles, I prefer roads according to the structure and model of the vehicle, for example, when it is a pony chassis vehicle, I use long roads and highways as much as possible, but when I am going to carry similar products such as construction or sand gravel, I take care to choose secondary roads, so I usually prefer roads according to my trucks, I wish you good games. 😇

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I prefer driving on the highways,because if you have to do a long trip it's more faster to do than doing corners,small roads paying attention at roundabout excc..I usually go on the highways,but depends also how I feel xD



REMEMBER that you are playing a SIMULATOR GAME not a RACING GAME. If you like races,maybe this game is not for you. SL: 80-90 Km/h


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