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What is your favorite song (currently and/or of all time)?

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It surprised me no one asked this before, as it got to be the most common question on forums:


What is your favorite song? 

Doesn't have to be specific, could be your all-time favorite song you just can't forget or just a song you prefer to listen to currently and keep getting back to (but could be forgotten within a month, theoretically speaking) 


I'll start: 

A song I often come back to is this Old School banger, especially after I've learned about the history:

Old School and the early days of Hip Hop (Disco Rap)

There is something about flows that are not getting overly narcissistic or violent...

Especially when the sample hits hard (fun fact: this song was actually (co-)remixed for both Nu Shooz and Spyder D, by DJ Peter Slaghuis from the Netherlands; even though Eric Matthews was the only one mentioned on the LP label)

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I'm a huge fan of classic rock, progressive rock to be more specific. I would say my all time favorite song has to be Comfortably Numb from Pink Floyd's 1979 album: The Wall. The live versions from P.U.L.S.E and Delicate Sound of Thunder are simply the best versions of the song, especially the guitar solo. I will literally will go crazy if my favorite song is played over the FM radio or even on TruckersFM. 



BTW, @[KızılTürk] Jaygoll You must be a Naruto fan like me. Gotta like the statue of Obito/Tobi near your cologne. 


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I don't really have a favourite song,but definitely Swedish House Mafia - Save the World,reminds me back when I was at Tomorrowland in 2017 and I listened LIVE😍 as for the rest I kind of like all genres except the boring ones like pop,lyric,latin,classic,salsa,reggae excc or the weird like rap and trap,I really hate them. I usually listen Rock 60-70-80-90yrs,EDM,Hardstyle and Electro House.



REMEMBER that you are playing a SIMULATOR GAME and this game is NOT a RACING GAME. If you like races,maybe you're on the wrong game. SL: 80-90 Km/h


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