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So ATS' State DLC Will Cost Over $500 USD by the Time it's All Completed.

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State expansion packs for American Truck Simulator currently cost roughly $12 per state. Out of the forty-eight lower states, three states are included in the base game. Given that the price of states averages to that $12 range (and given that no older expansions are gradually added to the base game), the game will end up costing roughly $540 to drive around the continental United States.


It's nowhere near the $8,000 price tag in DLC another infamous game has, but it's gonna be ranked up there as an expensive project.

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So you're trying to tell me that a 50% sale of $250 is cheaper and therefore complete justified spending? Are you even listening to how ascinine this sounds?


The implication I am presenting here is that as this game is developed, the expansion sales per state will help pay the bills for SCS but at the same time it will reach a point where a new player may look at this, notice the price tag and just think "nah"


If the standard (not sale) price of state expansions drops as time progress then there would be some sense in the madness but at the same time I still see 10+ year old games on steam being sold at near or full sale price compared to their original launch price tag so I also have little hope for that.

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