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What movie or series do you recommend ?

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As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of TV series and movies.


What movie or series do you recommend on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Videos, Disney + and Paramount+ ?

What movie has been hailed by you as the worst you have seen ?


I look forward to reading your posts 😍

I for one am the biggest fan of House of Paper on Netflix, and no series will change that, not even Squid Game. 😂





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I really like the John Wick movies and I recommend it to you if you haven't watched yet.

I'm watching the How I Met Your Mother series right now I really liked it I recommend you to watch it too. (In Disney+)

By saying House of Paper I think you mean La Casa De Papel. If you're saying it I watched it and I really liked it.

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I'm more of a mixed one, yet I have my preferences 😛


Shows I like:

Supernatural, Heartstopper, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Fire/PD/Med, Navy CIS, 9-1-1, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Good Doctor, Shameless, Private Practice, Orange is the new Black, The Night Shift, Disenchantment, Station 19, Young Sheldon (german shows: Vorstadtweiber, Kommissar Rex, Dr. Klein and LOL Last one Laughing)

Movies are quite difficulty to list, as it's just too much 😂 Forum Mods would bonk me then. However just to name a few:
The Maze Runner, Deadpool, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Fast & Furious, Avatar, Fack Ju Göhte (German Movies, yes it's called really that way xD), Free Guy, Hangover, Mamma Mia!, and so on.

Your average pleb from Austria.

Favorite Truck: MAN TGX 2022, 4*2 Chassis, 500hp Engine and a 12 Speed Gearbox (Automatic).

Favorite Trailer: Dryvan from SCS

My VTC (on Trucky😞


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A few favorites of mine: 


Genre Thriller/Drama:

Dog Day Afternoon (1975), starring Al Pacino (known from his role in Scarface) [To be watched on: Amazon Prime]

Genre Mystery/Thriller:

Eyes Wide Shut (1999), any Stanley Kubrick Movie for that matter (especially The Shining, Barry Lyndon and 2001: A Space Odyssey) [To be watched on: HBO Max]

Genre Horror/Thriller:

Creep (2014) [to be watched on: Netflix]

Genre (Anti)War:

All Quiet On the Western Front (2022)

Stalingrad (1993) [to be watched on: Amazon Prime] 


My favorite series: Fargo (too bad the removed it from Netflix) and Squid Games (maybe overrated though, but for those interested: a new season will be released this year as rumors go) 


EDIT: I forgot the most important of all for all truck lovers out there: Duel (1971), the first movie Steven Spielberg ever directed starring; you guessed it, a truck!! Not sure where you can watch it... The worst movie I ever watched was some French dance movie named 'Climax', where a pregnant girl was st4bb3d by jealous hating people around her, where the scene would last on for 5 minutes straight... 



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We apply these procedures, in order to keep the forum organized and structured. 


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