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It depends. If it is a steam workshop that effectively works as save editing by making small changes to an existing truck most likely not, you will need to look at our save editing rules. If you are asking about a truck that doesn't exist in game base, that wouldn't even work in TruckersMP.


I can not give you a true answer without knowing more details. 

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I would advise against it as some of those Trucks are made with the intent to cause problems for other players. There are pleanty of stock trucks availible within ETS2 and lots of customiseations. I for one have noticed some of the Steam Workshop trucks are game breaking or crash causing for you and others... and yes some can get you perma'd until you remove the mod and provide evidence in your appeal. 

I hope this helps
If you need a good example please feel free to respond and i can Provide a screenshot of how i have my current truck ... a 2009 Volvo FH Taglift set up 🙂

Fønix Wolfe
Global Cargo Int'l Driving Team 


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Hello, @d7bSh, TruckersMP does not support steam workshop mods, except for some mod(s). So you will not be banned for this reason. However, you can use local mods. 🙂 


Best regards & loves,

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Hello there,

Has your question been answered with the above given answer(s)?


Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum organised!


I look forward to your response.


King regards,


TruckersMP Support + Report Moderator

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Hello @d7bSh,


We are happy to see that you find the answer to your questions.


If you have any other questions in the future, feel free to create a support ticket on https://truckersmp.com/support




Therefore, I will lock this topic. See you all.


Kind regards,
TruckersMP Support


// Locked and moved to the Solved section

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