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New TruckersMP Trailers

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The trailers are cool, thank you!


Just wish there would be an achievement for non patreons as well. The achievements system hasn't been used since it got introduced, and now the 2nd ever achievement is behind a paywall. 😕

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Kind regards,



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These are pretty cool. TBH, though, until there is AI traffic, I have a hard time using TMP. I don't need a bunch of mods, and different trailer accessories are nice, but no other vehicles on the road is unrealistic and gets boring to me pretty quick. 


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In fact, I think it would be nice to be able to receive an archival, even as a non-patron. I missed the Trucker HQ event and nothing has happened since then. And a corresponding implementation shouldn't be that complicated (in contrast to new trailer attachments, which can then be reserved for patrons, but such a simple archiving badge in the profile...?

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thanks for the event

                                                                Language: Chinese/English

                Discord:hengya1215            I want everyone to be able to drive safely on the road!❤️

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This looks really great, but unfortunately I'm not Patron Master Trucker



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I deliver maybe 5 cargo from both kind 3D but i still didn't recieve an achievement.. What is the reason? I do it with my owned trailer and also I do it with trailers from companyes but still nothing.. is this achievement was only for the weekend or? Also i'm a Master Trucker already. Please somebody tell me what is the problem?

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