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TruckersMP to Work on ets2 & ats Virtual Reality Beta's

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Please would you consider allowing TruckersMP to boot up when the ets2 &/or ats have the virtual reality beta enabled? I would like to drive my vehicles in VR as it is easier to turn the camera and gains even more of a sense of being in an actual truck. Currently, both ets2 and ats have beta's that allow the use of Virtual Reality. Furthermore, the beta's are always up to date with the base game and aren't (as far as I'm aware) below by any version or even update later.

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he beta version of the game, this is a completely different version. Truckers MP supports only one version. It will be quite difficult to implement several versions. Therefore, I think that before the official introduction of VR into the stable version, there will be no VR support.

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13 hours ago, Hidara said:

he beta version of the game, this is a completely different version. Truckers MP supports only one version. It will be quite difficult to implement several versions. Therefore, I think that before the official introduction of VR into the stable version, there will be no VR support.


I agree.  I don't think there will be VR support until VR is formally introduced.

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Read this article, I think it's clear why that is.


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Hi There,


I too would like to see TMP have some form of support for Virtual Reality users. As far as I can tell, the only differences between the main & beta branches are the following:

  • First Person View
  • UI Element Positions

The way it seems so far, the UI elements on the beta are pretty much the same as the main branch, just a bit more towards the centre of the cabin. A lot of the elements in TMP (in theory) should already be mostly compatible. Only tweaks needed would be the positioning of UI elements. We already use mouse & keyboard anyway while in VR still to access menus, etc. Hence why I believe a lot of the TMP elements is pretty much already compatible with the beta branch. Think of it this way, the VR branch already has a "desktop-like panel" to use. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to adjust mirrors, etc. using a mouse.

I'm not a game developer by any means. But in all honesty, this should be tested to see what breaks & what doesn't at-least. Testing could be done in-house or have some closed alpha/beta testers with VR to assist testing and providing feedback. Networking shouldn't be any concern since like I said, only differences are what I listed above and none of them should affect networking in any way. Therefore, server-side editing should not be needed.

The only reason I can think of as to why TMP will not support VR at this time, is due to the current implementation of the platform itself. It's really unknown how TMP is built-up as far as I know. However, all I can find out is, TMP injects specific libraries into the client which is most likely why they can only support 1 specific version. If I'm presuming correctly, the injected libraries shouldn't care about the first person view regardless. If it does, then I have no idea as to why. UI elements should be fine due to the "desktop-like panel" we have anyways in VR. So based on theoretics, and what I've talked and know so far, TMP should already be VR ready, it's just not allowed.

TL;DR: Please test the idea at-least by allowing the beta branch version or clone the current launcher w/ VR branch set-up and see if it's playable. If it is playable, make it unofficially supported and have it listed in the launcher if the beta branch is enabled. Therefore, you have no responsibility to provide support if something breaks.

EDIT (and slightly off-topic but plays a part on VR compatibility): Btw, the version checking at this current time, seems very inflexible also. Targeting a very specific build, therefore if a minor update comes out, for example, update from to, TMP has to update for that specific build. Where as, just doing 1.47.x would add better flexibility like many mods do and already supports VR builds.


If the versioning methodology SCS is using is the following:

  • "1" = Release Version
  • "47" = Major Update
  • "1" = Minor Update
  • "2s" = Revision for desktop || "1002" for VR

This will further prove (in theory) it's already almost guaranteed there's just not that much difference between the two branches. Only version difference is the revision build.

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After some experimenting, I found out the `core_(ets2/ats)mp.dll` plugin (located: `C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP`) is what's locking everything down. I'm not sure what it's looking at exactly, but I can guarantee it's doing something more than just checking file versions. Especially since it's very concerned about the "s" part at the end of the file version which shouldn't exist, but for some reason... it does. I found and stripped down the much older launcher source code and now have a working & very basic launcher (doesn't update itself btw since it's just a test applet). All the effort I did to try get native VR working has been mostly wasted.


I shouldn't be saying this but to be honest... Can us VR users have a slightly edited version of the plugin just to see if TMP actually does work in VR before someone manages to crack & reverse engineer it to make VR possible?


It's like I said in the post above, I doubt many things will break. If anything... it'll just be a small inconvenience to access the in-game TMP menu (TAB key) to make custom jobs, etc if it's all locked to desktop. It's the driving experience is what makes VR worthwhile, even in it's current state.

All I can hope for is you, the devs, to give it a shot atleast and see what happens.

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