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Does any VTC not use discord?


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I know as a requirement to become a validated VTC, you need to use some sort of social networking platform such as Discord, however they also go onto list a couple other like slack ect. Excluding VTC's based in countries that block discord (so basically most non-western VTC), does anyone know of a VTC that uses a different social media platform? Its just interesting that they have them listed.

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In China, all our VTC use YY, which functions almost the same as Discord and is developed by Chinese, making it more convenient for Chinese to use



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Hey there!


I am honestly not sure if there are VTC's that uses other communication platform than discord. 
Back in time my VTC used both a facebook group and a skype group, but since the release of Discord i think everyone has moved on to that.

I guess there aren't really any better all-in-one solutions but who am i to say.


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