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Wired or Wireless Headset

Wired or Wireless Headset  

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  1. 1. Do you have a wired or wireless headset?

    • Wired all the way!
    • What sort of question is that... obviously wireless!

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I don't really think that there's a huge difference. Plus, I don't like wires going around, it looks messy on my table. I would say wireless.

Just wanted to add that, I also use wired. lol
Can't risk things like the battery running out, disconnecting etc. That's another point for wired headsets.

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Wireless headphones are way more comfortable than wired ones, because it's lacking the wire *duh*.

But you can get way more out of your headphones if they are wired. Beyerdynamics also makes spare parts for their headphones - so if you're going for longevity, wired ones might be better.

I've owned some Astro A50s and I loved those. Really comfortable and well enough sound, but the price of almost 300 euro is hefty and they broke and bugged out after only 2 years.

Since then I've only owned my DT 770 Pros by Beyerdynamics and bought some Steelseries Arcits 7+s half a year ago and I am really happy with those. The software is lacking tho.


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