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Changing the name of the **Report Moderator** role.


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Suggestion Name: **Changing the name of the **Report Moderator** role.**

Suggestion Description: 

I would like to rename the **Report moderator** role to **Web-Reports Moderator** or **Web-Report Moderator** or something similar. 

Any example images: 

Why it should be added:  This change will remove some contradictions, there is a small discrepancy as there is a report system in the game. 

This role should be renamed to web report moderator as report moderators cannot handle reports in-game.

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Personally, I don't think there is a need to change the name to Web Report Moderator.


Report Moderator is a role you must complete before becoming a "Game Moderator" team member. For example, like there is "Trial Support" in the Support Team.


Report Moderator is a role you will acquire in the training process,
I don't think the name change is necessary for Report Moderator, as handling reports and appeals against bans is a key role.



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  • Community Manager

Hello there,


Thanks for the suggestion!


After careful consideration of the proposal to change the name of the Report Moderator role, it has been determined that there is currently no compelling need for such a change. The existing role description effectively conveys the responsibilities and duties of Report Moderators.



Leon Baker

Community Manager


// Rejected

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